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Does vegan diet, nutrition, contribute to disease prevention?

As I told you in the previous article, a NATURAL VEGAN LIFE and diet made my ailments, those that I considered “normal” improve day after day to the point of disappearing.

I was beginning to feel levels of energy and vitality that I had not remembered having since childhood. I was beginning to feel “alive”, as I feel today, and that is the feeling that I want for the rest of the people who want to feel it. Wow, and the best of all! I was not contributing extra to the mistreatment of my best animal friends or the destruction of the planet! 

So yes! A well-planned VEGAN diet (nutrition) and NATURAL LIFE not only contributes to the prevention of diseases but, my experience shows me, it can also help the body in the healing process of many diseases and ailments, as has been the case with me and many others!

*Here you can see an old video of mine (2016). In it you will be able to listen (among 2 other examples) to the story of an Australian woman who CURES TERMINAL BREAST CANCER with a VEGAN FRUGIVORE nutrition. And, after that, she has the energy to run a daily marathon for 365 days. Wonderful! VEGAN NATURAL LIFE!

The video is in Spanish but, from minute 06:04, the stories of the protagonists begin and these are in English. At minute 08:38 there is the story of the cure of cancer. You can also enable automatic translations for your language although you will find many errors.




  • Symptoms of chronic intestinal candidiasis
  • Chronic constipation & Continuous smelly gases
  • Stomach & belly pain, extreme swelling
  • Water retention problems & Cellulitis
  • Chronic pain in legs & shin splints
  • Swollen veins, prone to varicose veins, varices
  • Extreme tiredness, exhaustion, low or lack of energy, anemia symptoms
  • Various and very painful menstrual Problems
  • The disappearance of a fibroid



Other benefits


  • Much greater mental clarity
  • Remarkable energy state
  • Notable sharpening of the senses, especially hearing, smell and taste
  • Improvement of the condition of the nails, making them stronger, harder and more resistant
  • Improvement of the condition of the skin in general (elimination of spots)
  • Elimination of allergies, specifically allergy to the sun

What I must clarify is that, despite the fact that a natural vegan diet, nutrition, with its variants (high raw, raw veganism, fruitarianism, etc.) are much healthier options than omnivorism, they can also be done inappropriately that can lead us to develop health problems as well, like any another way of eating.

For this reason, it is important to be well informed about it or to put yourself in the hands of an experienced professional in the field to guide you along the way.

Also remind you that food is not everything, it is a very important aspect for health, but we must take into account the rest of the factors that contribute to achieving and/or maintaining natural perfect health as well as disease prevention. VEGAN NATURAL LIFE!

You already know more details about the reasons why I am VEGAN… ...

Now that you know a little more about me, that I have been telling you about my story,  why I am vegan and the reasons why I live a NATURAL VEGAN LIFE… Now that you have a little more information about it…. I would like to ask you a question…

Are you vegan?
If the answer is still NO... Why aren't you?

I leave you thinking about it…

I personally DON’T FIND ANY REASON NOT to be… For the ANIMALS, for the PLANET, for HEALTH!

Do you join the change?

Do you live consistently with your values? What you say, do and think are in tune?

Story of a cow…

Transición al veganismo, crudiveganismo, frutarianismo

She wanted to live… she expressed it to me previously with her gaze, she expressed it to me from the communication that arose with a thread of love that united our hearts… but at the same time she wanted to die… put an end to the suffering of living with a death sentence, put an end to the suffering of seeing how their babies were taken by force, of bidding farewell to many of their cow companions, of going through the same compound every day because the electricity did not allow them to leave that prison that many human beings consider “freedom” …now those same human beings begin to experience something of the meaning of what the word freedom really means…

But she had no choice…she couldn’t choose…they just chose for her…they decided her fate mercilessly…

I will never forget her look while she was alive, everything she transmitted to me and she communicated to me… the impotence of not being able to do anything to save her…

Thanks to the human beings who do their part every day to stop this massacre, to stop the animal holocaust

If you are not yet a vegan, I would like to invite you to reflect… to think that, if you are here reading me, remember that that cow that has already been killed… could have been your beloved dog or cat… like in other countries happens. I invite you to join the beings who have already decided to stop consuming any product of animal origin… because they harm animals, the planet and your health

Do you join me?

♥️Because ALL animals deserve, want and need to be heard, understood, respected and loved.♥️

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